The Project

First set up in 2018 as an innovative start-up, Keos is a fintech company operating on corporate finance that engages in data analysis, access and sharing processes within SMEs.

Our Mission

The Keos Finance Company, thanks to its complete range of financial consultancy services, provides corporate advisory assistance based on the analysis, management and sharing of data mainly for SME’s. We work to make data access by SME’s fast and simply by using the most innovative analysis and display techniques. We want to become a benchmark for businesses by improving and speeding up interactions with the outside world and especially with consultants, financial brokers, investors and, generally speaking, by enhancing information about companies and their projects in an organised and collaborative fashion.

The project developed by professionals specialising in corporate and financial consultancy was conceived with the aim of creating an working environment (the digital platform k-platform) where different players (advisors, backers, investors, partners) can share projects and speed up business procedures by guaranteeing a professional approach and consistency with all touchpoints.

The company, thanks to its own technological platform (k-platform), collects a mash up of the data of interested companies; analyses them, orders them and manages them on the k-platform so they can be shared with providers interested in getting in touch with companies that have uploaded a project onto the k-platform.

Data analysis, management and sharing enables a range of operators in the sector ecosystem (smes, investors, financial providers and advisors, partners) to set up relationships based on a processed set of analysed, structured, managed and shared data, thus significantly reducing the time required to cut a deal.

Our Vision

Keos is engaged in a constant process of research and development of innovative data analysis algorithms for the corporate world. We employ the most advanced Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics and, more in general Artificial Intelligence techniques applied to Corporate Finance, Data Visualisation and the creation of models to calculate Credit Scores and Default Probability.

The Team

Our team is made up of competent and independent professionals with an established track record and considerable range of expertise, that make Keos a forerunner in terms of technological consultancy and corporate data digitalisation.

Who needs us


A company that means to grow and invest needs to access the capital market. To make this possible, Keos Finance engages with and assists the company in sourcing traditional loans issued by financial brokers, either from private capital funds or venture capitalists. In a short space of time, Keos Finance issues a document drafted as a presentation of the company and its corporate data to banks and more in general to investors or other backers. Keos Finance relies on its K-Platform, an innovative corporate data presentation, processing and visualisation technology. The pre-assessment report is prepared for free by Keos Finance and made available to the company, which may then share it with third parties (Banks, other investors, the latter's consultants or other potential stakeholders).


Accountants, loan brokers, corporate consultants, corporate lawyers and other professionals can take advantage of the digital platform set up by Keos Finance. After registration, Professionals can manage a few of the projects for companies registered on the K-platform.
All registered companies will receive a free report produced by Keos Finance, based on the data supplied, which provides an initial outline of the company. Keos can also supply in-depth financial statement analysis, commercial, corporate and industrial plan reports in both standard and customised formats depending on the professional's requirements with considerable savings in terms of time and cost.

Banks and financial brokers

Keos Finance can carry out preliminary background assessments of business transaction in which Banks, Loan Guarantee Consortiums, Leasing Companies, Venture Capitalists and Investments Funds would like to become involved.
Keos provides the following services: loan background checks, commercial information, company valuations, feasibility studies on share acquisitions and the underwriting of corporate capital increases to enable the involvement of private investment funds.
Keos Finance services are all provided with the assistance of the most advanced and innovative Business Intelligence algorithms.

How it works