In the current economic and financial climate, more so than in the past, companies need to engage with other players, such as banks, customers, suppliers, competitors and all other subjects that in one way or another can claim to be stakeholders.
The need to communicate has therefore become strategic. For a company enhancing communication is a way of adapting to a context in which the speed and volume of data exchanged has increased considerably over the last decade.
Having access to the data is no longer enough. Now the data must be organised, structured, analysed and easy to understand.

Keos meets this need, thanks to its platform that enables (i) the acquisition and organisation of data in a digital format by setting up a virtual data room, (ii) data analysis and (iii) the data to be shared with other users.

The Keos finance project, in this new context, was set up with the aim of providing corporate financial advisory services (extraordinary financial transactions, analysis for loan requests, drafting of business plans, etc.) by using the kplatform digital platforms, an environment that allows the various players of the economic value chain (companies, backers, banks, investors, advisors) to allow a more streamlined and fast exchange of information that would have a direct impact on a reduction of time and costs required to close the operation (project).

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