Who is it for


A company who is looking to grow and invest has to turn to the market for capital. In meeting this need, this is where Keos comes into play to assist companies in their search for both traditional funding avenues involving brokers, as well as contributions from private equity funds or venture capitalists. With a very short turn-around, Keos drafts and presents a company presentation document that includes extensive financial information to Banks or investors generally. Keos has set up its own K-Platform that adopts innovative presentation, processing and corporate data visualization technologies. The company’s folder, that is created using this system, contains all the company’s data and the reports developed by Keos and is published in the Virtual Data Room. This can be made visible to all the parties engaged in the operation, whether they are Banks, Investors, the latter’s consultants or other possible Stakeholders. Lastly, Keos works alongside the companies during their growth and planning process, making their K-Platform readily available to manage and structure corporate reorganization and restructuring operations.


Credit brokers, company consultants, business lawyers, accountants and other professionals can take advantage of the digital platform that Keos has set up through a confidential client access. After having registered and obtain their credentials, professionals can upload, manage and monitor all their client’s operations at the stroke of a button.
By using the K-platform for a small monthly fee, they can save a great deal of time and increase their profit margins. Keos can issue budget analyses, trade and company reports alongside business plans in both standard and customized form depending on the professional’s requirements.

Banks, Brokers and Loan-Guarantee Consortium (Confidi)

Keos can carry out the preliminary enquiries on operations in which banks, Loan Guarantee Consortiums, Leasing Companies, Venture Capitalists and Investment Funds are interested in getting involved.
Keos carries out the following services: preliminary drafting of loan requests, budget analysis, commercial information, company valuation, feasibility studies of acquisition of interests and underwriting of share capital increases designed to allow private investments funds to join the operation.
Keos has at its disposal advanced and innovative Business Intelligence algorithms and Fintech information.