• The exclusive club developed to match the financial requirements of businesses with those of investors and lenders.
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What we do

How it works

1. Free registration on the platform

The user is registered at no cost on the platform to join the club.
Registration enables the user, at no cost, to:
  1. analyse the projects on the platform
  2. compile (if required) the user profile to represent their financial needs

2. Analysis of the requirement and the search for the solution

On the basis of the user’s financial needs, Keos Finance:
  1. performs a free preliminary analysis
  2. if appropriate, continues the activities, structuring the operation to find a possible solution.
Keos Finance also performs its activity through data analysis, made possible by proprietary algorithms, and the community network

3. Matching and concluding the deal

Keos Finance also guides the user to the solution through searches for matches among the various players (businesses, investors, lenders)
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Keos Finance uses a new working method, positioning itself on the market as a game changer by making it possible to acquire, organise, analyse and share the data in a structured and standardised way with the aim of reducing the times and costs required to conclude an operation.


Keos Finance, through its own platform, provides complete corporate finance advisory services, by means of the organisation and management of data in a structured way, data analysis and the creation of contacts between companies and potential financial providers, investors, advisors and partners in a secure, private, innovative and confidential way.


All subjects that interact with Keos Finance are verified by our system through careful screening and standard evaluation.

Keos Finance Research studies the application of big data analytics and artificial intelligence to corporate finance, with the aim of more fully understanding the corporate realities in order to guide them on a path of continuous growth.

Company Profile