• A professional and secure network that accelerates the deal making process
Keos Finance is an independent business colsuting firm that, in an innovative way, offers corporate advisory services based on analysis, management and sharing of data.


Keos Finance uses a working method that allows to analyze, organize and manage data in a structured and standardized way.
According to studies carried out, more than 70% of m&A transactions fail, and financing operation are difficult due to incorrect management of data.


Keos Finance, through its platform, provides advisory services, both through the organization and management of data in a structured way, and through the creation of contacts between customers and potential financial providers and investors, in a confidential, secure and innovative.


All members that interact with Keos Finance are verified by our structure.
management and
sharing of data

The Keos Finance platform allows you to organize, manage and share data in a structured and standardized way.

Keos Finance Research studies the application of big data analytics and artificial intelligence to corporate finance, with the aim of better understanding the business realities and accompanying them on a continuos path of growth.

The research activity is also carried out in collaboration with important italian universities.