• Keos Finance Company Profile
We use the informational power of data and our community marketplace to provide solutions and new opportunities in the field of corporate finance to all players operating in the corporate eco-system

What we do

Equity advisory
  • Corporate transfers and acquisitions
  • Generational hand-overs
  • Investor access
  • Extraordinary transactions
Debt advisory
  • Access to bank, alternative of subsidised loans
  • Debt restructuring
Data analysis
  • Financial planning
  • Analysis of company and reference market data
  • Transaction origination

Who do we want to reach

Companies that wish to:

Undertake a corporate transfer or acquisition, or restructure a debt at a lower cost and in less time Access different loan channels (debt/equity) at a lower cost and sooner Obtain updated and structured information on third parties (i.e. lenders, investors, advisors) that can be easily and promptly passed on

Anyone wishing to get to know a company in order to:

Increase business opportunities, by supplying capital in the form of debt or equity Obtain updated and structured information from the companies in order to facilitate analysis, avoiding "time wasting" and optimizing costs Engage in a "constant" dialogue with companies

What obstacles might one encounter on the market

Information asymmetry incomplete and un-structured information exchanges between companies and third parties (i.e. the massive sending of e-mails with many attachments)

Long time-frames for the completion of transactions or to get in touch with third parties, even as far as data acquisition is concerned

High cost of specialist consultancy services

The reasons behind the Keos Finance project

To provide tangible and fast solutions at lower costs to the company and the market in general thanks to our digital platform which enables:

The creation of a community that makes meetings between interested parties easier and increases contact and business opportunities

The analysis of the data, which, by becoming information, allows better solutions to be found while improving and streamlining the company's external communication

The advantages of subscribing to the K-platform

For companies

Free subscription to K-Platform and the receipt of a free corporate pre-assessment report on the company The opportunity to describe your needs in the profile area in order to find a potential solution as fast as possible Request for one or more projects (i.e. for corporate transfer or acquisition, to search for capital, to restructure a debt position, etc.) The chance to get project feedback from a whole range of subjects, at both a national and international level, faster and at a lower cost (i.e. banks, funds, other operators, etc.), thus increasing business opportunities Improving the company's information flow towards third parties Access to qualified services faster and at lower than market rates.

For those wanting to contact companies

Free subscription to the K-Platform The opportunity to describe your needs in the profile area in order to find a potential solution as fast as possible and any possible match with projects already on the platform or to kick-start new business opportunities thanks to our algorithms The opportunity to analyse the projects of the companies present in anonymous form on the K-Platform and select those of interest The opportunity to ask a company to view the selected project in greater detail The opportunity to interact with the company to obtain more information, and to complete any agreements faster The opportunity to set up an organised and constant exchange of information with the companies, (i.e. for banks, even regarding the new EBA dispositions)

A brief outline of our project

1. Cosa facciamo

Consultancy services in the field of corporate finance
  1. Equity advisory (for corporate acquisitions and transfers, extraordinary transactions)
  2. Debt advisory (for access to bank, alternative and subsidised loans or to engage in debt restructuring)
  3. Data analysis & financial modeling (for data analysis, financial planning, transaction origination)

2. How we go about it

The consultancy services are performed via the digital platform (K-platform) that enables us to work in a collaborative way and to get in touch with other operators much more easily (i.e. banks, investors, backers etc.) with the aim of:
  1. Saving time
  2. Cutting costs
  3. Accessing more business opportunities

3. Who we want to reach

  1. Companies that wish to access an innovative consultancy service that facilitates the exchange of information between other subjects of their eco-system, and mean to find new business opportunities in our marketplace
  2. Investors, backers, credit brokers and advisors who can find new business opportunities on our marketplace, and can get in touch with companies much more easily.

4. Why subscribe to the K-platform

The user by subscribing for free to the K-platform, will have the opportunity to:
  1. analyse the projects loaded onto the K-platform for free
  2. egister their company for free (if it wishes to apply for a consultancy service)
  3. request a consultancy service, and thus obtain a free pre-assessment report
Click here to register on the K-platform

How it works


Keos Finance uses a new work method and positions itself on the maket as a game changer enabling the acquisition, organisation, analysis and sharing of data in a structured and standardized way with the aim of reducing the time and costs required to complete a transaction.


Keos Finance , thanks to its own proprietary platform provides services in the field of corporate finance, enabling:
  1. The structured acquisition and management of data
  2. The qualitative and quantitative analysis of the data
  3. The sharing of data between interested parties


All subjects that intend to interact with Keos Finance and subscribe to the K-platform are verified by our offices by means of a painstaking screening process.

Keos Finance Research is busy studying the application of big data analytics and artificial intelligence to corporate finance, with a view to improving its understanding of companies so that it assist them in their constant striving for growth.

The research activities are carried out in collaboration with major Italian universities that have issued Keos Finance with reliability certificates.

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